We understand that every product and project is unique. Together, we clearly define your goals so we can recommend the optimal approach to sensory or consumer testing.

Our goal is to provide you with research results that are actionable and translatable.



When your project is seeking numerical measurements, we’ll create a plan that uncovers data that defines how many, how often, and how much.


Some of our quantitative offerings include:

  • Central location testing (CLT)
  • Home use testing (HUT)
  • Internet studies
  • Claims substantiation
  • Product optimization and development
  • Consumer acceptance and preference
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Consumer Taste Tests


When your project requires data that doesn’t show up in numerical form, we utilize qualitative testing techniques to record observations, comments, thoughts and feelings of your target consumers.


Some of our qualitative offers include:

  • On-site focus groups
  • Exit or peel-off interviews
  • Ethnographic research
  • Ongoing consumer panels



Whether your organization is without a consumer research department or you’re growing in the industry, we can moderate and facilitate your research. Our Moderators are highly experienced and work with you to design, execute and report your study. Available for in-person and virtual research.


Some of our moderating offerings include:

  • Executive consulting
  • Expert witness
  • Sensory management consultant
  • Focus Groups
  • In Depth interviews


A specialized research method used to evaluate and quantify the sensory attributes of products, such as taste, smell, appearance, texture, and sound. By employing our trained expert panelists, this approach provides a detailed and objective assessment of a product's sensory characteristics.

Some of our descriptive offerings include:

  • Descriptive testing
  • Discrimination testing
  • Quality assurance/quality control
  • Shelf life & storage studies
  • Product matching


Ready for your team to learn more about Sensory Science and how we do it? We can train and mentor your staff on a range of sensory testing topics!

Some of our training offerings include:

  • Sensory evaluation 101
  • Descriptive panel training
  • QA/QC Plant training

Consumer database

Looking for a specific consumer segmentation? We have a diverse database of over 30,000 local consumers ready to provide opinions. Consumers can be recruited to your facility or ours!


Why Cincinnati?

  • Diverse demographic representation
  • Midwest represents mainstream consumers
  • Economic stability and growth potential