Upcoming Studies

So how does this work?

We conduct research on a project by project basis - this means we don’t have a regular schedule of opportunities. If you sign up to participate in product tastings, surveys or focus groups, here’s what you can expect:

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Sign Up

Click “join a study” in the top right corner. Once you’ve registered and completed all the sections, you’ll view current studies and be able to screen for the panels you are interested in. We will contact you if you are a fit for our study. You will also recieve invitations via text or email when new studies launch.

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Show Up

On the day of the panel you signed up for, you will need to arrive at Wolf Group 10 minutes before the panel to check in. Then you’ll begin the study with our team! Most panels require only a short commitment of time in comfortable surroundings, at one of our state of the art facilities. It’s that easy!

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Get Paid

We'll pay you in cash on-site or mail you a check within 15 business days!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be a "consumer panelist"?

You may be invited to evaluate personal care products such as shampoo or deodorant, home-care products such as laundry detergents & cleaning supplies or even a taste range of foods, snacks and beverages! The list of possibilities is endless!

Sometimes you will be invited to our Cincinnati test site, asked to meet our consumer researchers at a specific store or sometimes video-chat from the comfort of your own home!

You will always be compensated for your participation! Study compensation depends on the type of test and duration!

What types of product tests can I participate in?

Central Location Tests, Focus Groups, Home-Use-Tests, In-Depth Interviews and Consumer Taste Tests

Central Location Test for fragrance evaluations or concept evaluations

Focus Groups for new product development and ideation

Home-use-test for personal care items like shampoo and shaving products

Consumer Taste Tests of foods, snacks and beverages

How do I register to become a consumer panelist?

Click the “Join a Study” link in the top right corner of our website. After registering, complete the demographics section and confirm your email address. Once registered, you can view current studies under the “opportunities” section of your profile. Enable text or email notifications so you are first to know when new studies launch!

How can I have the best opportunity to potentially qualify for studies?

We use the information in your registration profile to determine pre-qualification. This information includes things like allergies and health conditions, as well as demographic information. To ensure you are invited to as many studies as possible, make sure these sections of your profile are complete!

Why am I not qualifying for a study when I take the online screener?

Each of our studies have unique qualification requirements in regards to age, gender, education or purchasing habits – and sometimes a very specific combination of these! To ensure you are receiving invitations to studies you are eligible for, complete the Health & Safety and Demographic sections of your profile!

How will I be paid for the studies I participate in?

For studies at the Wolf Group site in Blue Ash, you will typically be paid in cash at the end of your last study visit. For studies taking place at another research facility, a check will be mailed to you from Wolf Group when the study is complete.

How long will it take to receive my payment in the form of a check?

You should receive your check within 15 business days of the final study date. Make sure the address listed in your profile is up to date to prevent a delay in this process!

Is there a limit to how many studies I can participate in?

To allow everyone in our database an opportunity to participate, our standard practice is one study per 3-month period. However, this may change based on the type of studies you have participated in. For example, you may be allowed to participate in a taste test and a shampoo test within the same 3-month period.

How do I know when studies are launched?

To receive automatic alerts and study invitations, make sure text or email notifications are enabled in the contact information section of your profile. Follow Wolf Group on Instagram and Facebook for additional updates!

How can I cancel my study appointment?

Click on the study under the “Appointments” section of your profile. A schedule will display and you will have the option to select a new time or cancel your appointment. Please cancel as soon as possible so that we have time to fill the appointment slot with another panelist. We have a specific number of panelists needed for each study!

What happens if I arrive late for my appointment?

Testing starts at the time of your scheduled appointment, so we ask that you arrive at least 10 minutes early for check-in. If you arrive late, there are no guarantees that you will still be able to participate in the study and/or be compensated.

What if I forget or do not show up for a study at my appointed time?

Your attendance in our studies is very important and we count on each participant to show up. 3 “No Shows” will result in suspension in our database for up to 1 year.

Need A Little more than a password reset?

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