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Full Service End-to-End Innovation and Research

For over 30 years, we have delivered actionable research solutions through foundational research and multi-sensory evaluation. Our mission is to provide the highest standards in innovation tools, testing and research protocol enabling our clients to bring superior products to the world. We provide end-to-end innovation and are experts in Holistic Innovation, Product Research, Food Science, Nutrition, Statistics, Training, and Information Technology.

Consumers evaluate everything with their senses – we can measure that!

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The Wolf Group Story

Experience the Art of Sensory Science

Mona Wolf

Mona Wolf was an entrepreneur with a start-up, long before the term was in common use. She started the Wolf Group in her basement with a passion for sensory science and a mission to empower women toward self-sufficiency, all while caring for three children under the age of two. The Wolf Group has grown over 30 years from Mona’s basement to a 22,000 square foot facility with global research capabilities and 40+ employees.

The Wolf Group is a company of innovation and research experts, sensory scientists, food scientists, nutritionists, skilled taste testers, marketing and claims litigation experts. Clients range from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies and represent categories as diverse as beer and wine, food and snacks, beauty and health, financial and legal.

Well known within the industry, Mona wrote the book on Sensory Science as a founding member of the Society of Sensory Professionals, her leadership with IFT Sensory and Consumer Science Division, and as a committee member, developed ASTM E-18 Sensory Standards. Mona and the Wolf Group have won numerous awards, including the Business Courier’s “Greater Cincinnati’s Best Places to Work”, “Small Business Person of the Year for Ohio” in 2007, and the Athena Award, honoring women who achieved success in their careers and actively assist other women in realizing their full leadership potential. The Wolf Group actively supports the Eve Center, and has an active mentoring and internship program for college students.

Innovation Strategy, Research and Solutions Across Your Product Life Cycle

  • Front End of Innovation & Strategy
  • Product Development & Optimization
  • In-Market Success
  • Innovation Strategy - Disruptive & Sustaining
  • Creative Problem Solving and Ideation Workshops
  • Landscape and Opportunity Assessment
  • End User Experience
  • Cognitive & Behavioral Science
  • Ethnographic Research
  • In-Market Immersions
  • Consumer and Shopper Insights
  • In-Context Research
  • Concept Development and Optimization
  • Concept / Product Fit
  • Brand Architecture and Product Line-up
  • Product and Formulation Optimization
  • Shelf Life Determination
  • Sensory Development
  • Competitive Response Scenario Planning
  • Marketing and Communication Strategies
  • Consumer Models / Segmentation
  • Claims Development and Defense
  • Competitive Assessment and Tracking
  • Reformulation and Ingredient Changes
  • Product Matching
  • Usage and Attitudes Research
  • Shopper / Customer Journey Mapping

Blend of Traditional
& Sensory Research

The Wolf Group offers cutting edge, full-service research that provides deep consumer insights and product solutions. Our specialty is advanced product innovation leveraging key sensory attributes including taste, touch, appearance, aroma and auditory signals.

Research Details

Helping Create Products
That Delight the Senses

The Wolf Group is proud to partner with leading brands and companies across all CPG categories. We specialize in helping you optimize your products and services, to delight your target consumers and strengthen your brand loyalty.

Our Experience

World-class Facilities
& World-class Talent

With unrivaled facilities, an expert staff, expert sensory panels and consumer panels, The Wolf Group has the tools needed to deliver actionable, business building results.

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Actionable and Translatable Results

Traditional and sensory-driven research to solve your market problems.

Product Optimization and Improvement

Consumer Acceptance/Preference

Consumer Understanding

Competitive Assessment

New Product Development

Cost Reduction

Statistical Analysis & Data Interpretation

Advertising Claims Substantiation

Study Participant Recruiting

Holistic Learning Plans

Product Meaning & Profiling

Specification Development

Ideation/Innovation Sessions with Consumer Immersion

Quality Control Assessment/Audits

Shelf Life/Stability Testing

Customized Sensory Training

Third Party Product Audits

Vendor Qualification

Consumers judge a product with all their senses.
We can measure that!

Panel Image

Sensory and Consumer Panels

The Wolf Group maintains 2 types of permanent panels to assist our clients in their research needs.

Expert Sensory Panel

  • Highly trained sensory panel
  • Multi-sensorial descriptive analysis
  • 90 hours of initial training
  • Additional trainings conducted throughout the year

Consumer Panel

  • 100,000 diverse respondents
  • 7% growth rate annually
  • Less than 3% dropout rate
  • Panelists limited to 4 studies annually
  • 90 days required between each project

Our Category Specialties

We help our clients optimize their products, improve consumer experiences and strengthen brand loyalty.
Beer, Wine & Spirits

Beer, Wine & Spirits

From innovation that develops new category ideas and new taste formats to refinement and stability testing to concept development and communication. We have vast experience across all types of beverages. Our refrigerators are temperature controlled with a constant monitoring and alarm system to assure constant stability. We work with both large breweries and distillers and small micro-breweries.

Food, Snacks & Restaurants

Food, Snacks & Restaurants

Expertise across new category development, sensory evaluation, new taste formats, sensory improvement, menu development and consumer/customer experience. We have experience across most food categories, including frozen and fresh foods, snacks, dairy items, coffee items, crackers, candy and gum. We have test kitchens both for product development and consumer in-context research.

Beauty & Health

Beauty & Health

Leading projects across most beauty and health care items from new product innovation and product development to in-market launch. In-depth experience in skin care, hair care, cosmetics, shaving, baby care, feminine protection and OTC health care. Our facilities offer in-context research with fully functioning, viewable restrooms that remove scent and steam within seconds.

Home Care

Home Care

Expertise across most home care categories from new product innovation and refinement to package development and in-market execution. Wolf Group has led strategy and research for air fresheners, cleaning products, paper towels, batteries, insect repellents and bath tissue. Whether in our facilities or in consumer homes, we help you design the best strategy to learn from your consumers to build your business.

Check out our newest innovation space...the Wolf Den.
The perfect creative collaboration space for your next innovation session.

Fully-Equipped Facility

Designed for research across all phases of your product life cycle

  • Meeting space for up to 100 people
  • Multi-functional focus group & viewing rooms
  • High-tech breakout rooms with wireless streaming capability
  • 40 individual evaluation stations equipped with computers
  • Industrial and consumer kitchens
  • Full bathrooms designed for research with ventilation
  • Temperature-controlled product storage

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