The Wolf Group: The best Sensory Descriptive Panels in North America



The Wolf Group provides Sensory Descriptive Panels in North America. Combining the voice of the consumer with the disciplined science of sensory evaluation is a powerful tool in developing and optimizing products for your company and its brands. With over 60 years experience in the consumer packaged goods industry, we have proven that the Art of Sensory Science can reduce product development time, save costs and produce extraordinary new product successes for our clients. Call us so we can discuss how Sensory Descriptive Panels in North America can provide an approach that can be applied to your current product opportunities!

If your needs are primarily focused in sensory evaluation, we literally wrote the book. Mona Baker Wolf, founder of the Wolf Group, is the co-editor of the ASTM Sensory Testing Methods Manual 26, the best practices standard for sensory testing and evaluation in today’s business environment. As a result, we know how important a disciplined and rigorous approach to sensory evaluation can be in food product development and reformulation. Whether you’re just starting out or are interested in expanding your existing capabilities, the Wolf Group can provide Sensory Evaluation for:

Concept Testing, Consumer Acceptance, Consumer Preference, Claim Substantiation, Product Development, Product Matching, Product Improvement, New Supplier Identification, Storage Stability Studies, Process Modification, Least Cost Formulation and Quality Control.

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