The Tools and Space for Sensory Exploration

Located in Cincinnati, Ohio our 22,000-square foot facility is designed for a wide range of innovation workshops and research needs. Our qualitative space is extremely flexible, allowing for traditional, living room, classroom or one on one settings. For Quantitative research, we are well equipped with computer labs, prep kitchens, and controlled temperature storage. Wolf Group can also field research nationally, through strategic partnerships in Los Angeles, Boston, Denver, Dallas, and Chicago.

Wolf Group has over 30 years of market research and sensory experience giving unparalleled support and consultation for an extensive range of product development testing and research requirements. With our newest innovation space, the Wolf Den, organizations can utilize the open floor plan for innovation sessions, company planning, and training forums. This new space gives organizations the ability to bring innovative ideas to life and return to their jobs with new spark and ambition.

2 multi-functional focus group / viewing rooms
40 individual evaluation stations with computers
6 identical full bathrooms with ventilation
4 kitchens - institutional and consumer
Meeting space for up to 50 people
6 Conference rooms
310 cubic square feet Temperature controlled product storage