Who We Are

For over 30 years, the Wolf Group has worked with clients across the United States and internationally in a variety of capacities to fulfill consumer testing and research needs. The Wolf Group has experience in sensory panel training and product evaluation, all varieties of consumer testing (Central Location Tests, Home Use Tests, Focus Groups, combination Qualitative/Quantitative) and in QA/QC plant trainings and seminars. The Wolf Group is a full service consulting company with decades of experience in testing design, fielding, analysis and data reporting.

Case Studies

A global frozen food manufacturer was considering investing in more efficient manufacturing equipment to increase production for their frozen pizza lines. They needed to ensure the new equipment provided the same quality and consistency for their end product.

Our sensory experts worked in multiple manufacturing plants to set control standards across the current manufacturing lines. They then qualified the new equipment by comparing processing and output against the control standards, providing immediate feedback for real time equipment adjustments and product re-testing.

The end result was a confident recommendation for investing in the new equipment, ensuring product quality and consistency.

A global beverage company approached Wolf Group with an operations and supply chain opportunity to ensure that each established product shelf life was accurate.

Together with our client, we created a customized methodology, leveraging our sensory science expertise in product aging and evaluation in a temperature-controlled environment.

Results enabled our client to evaluate product defects early in the process and increased the use-by date, which led to reduced waste in production and resources along the supply chain.

An air care manufacturer approached Wolf Group to help to determine whether it was possible to increase the shelf life on some of their air care products. Our trained panel evaluated both expired and current samples over a predetermined time frame. Utilizing our 6 identical air care bathrooms, we enabled the client to make an informed decision regarding the product shelf life.

The Wolf Group’s advertisement claims experience covers claim development, consumer claims research, claim defense research and testifying to the validity of claims in court.

A Fortune 500 drug manufacturer needed to validate potential advertising claims for an OTC product before launching their campaign. In alignment with American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) protocol, we designed and executed claims defense research that enabled our client to move forward with a winning claim. Our client has used the original protocol multiple times for claims defense as the product line has evolved

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