The Wolf Group Advantage

The pace of change continues to accelerate. To leverage evolving consumer trends, new or re-engineered products must get to market quickly. The Wolf Group helps you identify relevant, meaningful insights and consumer preferences, then converts those into measurable criteria for your R&D team. Shorter response times, fewer iterations and fewer false starts as your project progresses from concept to market - significant time and cost savings for you.

How We Work

We understand that every product and project is unique. Together, we clearly define your goals so we can recommend the optimal approach to sensory or consumer testing.

What We Deliver

Our goal is to provide you with research results that are actionable and translatable immediately upon completion to your product development plan.

Descriptive Analysis

Descriptive Testing
Wolf Group’s team of highly trained Sensory panelists evaluate products in a variety of categories, including food & beverage, alcohol, beauty, household and healthcare. Descriptive testing data delivers product information with great detail, particularly the Sensory difference between products
Discrimination Testing
Whether needing to reformulate a product, approve an alternate supplier, or any other discernment needs, Wolf Group’s highly trained Sensory panel detects the differences or change in the product, ensuring superior products are sent to market.
Quality Assurance/Quality Control
Third party audits improve the safety, quality, and consistency of your product. Wolf Group can be your go to QA/QC consultant, helping make independent and objective decisions about co-packers or product suppliers. We determine key product attributes and communicate those Sensory requirements to your supplier. Wolf Group also conducts plant audits, ensuring standards are met and maintained.
Shelf-Life Testing & Storage Studies
Wolf Group has tight testing protocols in place, allowing your business to maximize product shelf-life through development of storage strategies or validation of existing storage systems.
Product Matching
Product matching identifies differences between existing and new products. Wolf Group’s highly trained Sensory panel will establish the key attributes of your products and compare them to a proposed change. Product matching will power your price comparison engine!

Quantitative Testing

Central Location Testing
Wolf Group is built to host and conduct Central Location Testing (CLT) at all our facilities. We design and manage each study, walking through every step with our clients. Our experienced team ensures that the execution is smooth, data is accurate, and reporting delivers direction and actionable results.
Home Use Testing (HUT)
Home Use Testing (HUT) gives greater understanding and context for how consumers use a product. Wolf Group recruits and places products in homes both locally and nationwide with ease. Online data collection ensures reliability and efficiency, no matter the distance.
Internet Studies
Wolf Group has the programming and database expertise to design and implement all your online studies. Our proprietary software is extremely flexible, giving you and us the ability to utilize outside the box design and reach your target audience nationwide.
Claim Substantiation
Wolf Group is a recognized expert in advertising claims substantiation. We will partner with your team to create a robust design for defensible claim substantiation. Wolf Group is actively involved with the task force writing the ASTM Guide E1958-98 Standard Guide for Sensory Claim Substantiation—the go-to document for claim substantiation. The guide is used by CPG organizations, litigation attorneys, the National Advertising Division of Better Bureau (NAD) and National Advertising Review Board (NARB).
Product Optimization & Development
Wolf Group enables organizations to create better products that delight consumers! Marrying descriptive profiling with consumer's responses, you understand the competitive landscape (identify any segments that might exist for a product, and uncover a want that is missing from the current landscape).
Consumer Acceptance & Preference
Do you want to understand consumer product acceptance or discover how your product measures up to the competition? Wolf Group has the expertise and facilities to develop and execute the research that is right for you!
Competitive Benchmarking
Wolf Group’s descriptive profiling resources coupled with consumer response provides insights into how your product performs next to the competition. Our competitive benchmarking will give you a recommended course of action. These insights and action plans will aid in leveraging competitive advantages.

Analytical Testing

Analytical Testing
Wolf Group has established partnerships with laboratories for chemical, microbial, and nutritional analysis. Our partnerships allow us to find the right laboratory for your organization’s analytical testing needs. All laboratories are FDA registered, EPA certified, accredited with the USDA, and members of various scientific organizations.

Qualitative Testing

On-Site Qualitative Research
Wolf Group offers a wide variety of qualitative tools to uncover consumer’s needs, attitudes, and behaviors. Utilize our trained moderators, who have a variety of specialties, or supply your own moderators.
Exit or Peel Off Interviews
Exit Interviews give our clients the best of both worlds! We combine quantitative and qualitative research to explain the in depth “whys.”
Ethnographic Research
Ever wondered how consumers really use your product at home? Or how and why they select a product with a multitude of choices? Wolf Group conducts detailed observational research to answer your questions in a ‘real world’ environment.
Ongoing Consumer Panels
Consumer panels give insight, flexibility, and speed to your research needs. At Wolf Group, we recruit and manage on-going consumer panels, providing multiple touch points from the same consumers. Ongoing panels are cost effective and stimulate rapid-cycle product development.

Training and Education

Sensory Evaluation 101
Wolf Group can provide a “Sensory 101” course for all organizational levels. We introduce Sensory as a tool in product development, quality assurance, recipe/process change, and benchmarking within your organization. Each course is tailored to your specific needs.
Panel Training
Wolf Group is a trusted source to screen and train internal and external panels. We are proud to serve many Fortune 500 companies, and they have seen the value of on-going Sensory evaluation for product maintenance and innovation. Discover how to effectively establish a trained Sensory panel!
QA/QC Plant Training
Wolf Group trains employees to monitor quality assurance at the plant level. Plant training is invaluable in identifying and isolating product quality issues before they reach the consumer. Our training continues with on-going support as needed.


Executive Consulting
Collectively, Wolf Group has decades of experience in Sensory research. From experienced food scientists, product researchers, nutritionist, and analysts, our team has the expertise to consult on a wide variety of testing needs.
Expert Witness
In defense for product litigation, Wolf Group can serve as an Expert Witness, consulting on correct test design, protocol and analysis.
Sensory Management Consultant
Whether your organization is without a Sensory department or you’re growing in the industry, Wolf Group can consult and mentor you staff. Investing in the future of the Sensory industry is a core value for Wolf Group.