Focus Group

Wolf Group had two team members in sunny San Diego at Brewing Summit 2018 for the American Society of Brewing Chemist (ASBC). This annual meeting for the ASBC and Master Brewers is a time when the two groups come together for a week packed with learning, sharing and networking. The interactions of these two groups offer the latest in insights and innovation for the beer brewing industry.

The Wolf Group was represented by Section Manager of Descriptive Services, Diane Bissmeyer, and Data Analyst, Tara Teras. Diane and Tara are active members of the sensory subcommittee for ASBC which Diane will chair beginning in the fall of 2018. Their latest project was to validate the sensitivity of the Tetrad test versus the Triangle test. The Wolf Group’s trained panel, along with 10 other sensory panels, participated in the test under the direction of Diane and Tara.

With the samples tested, the Tetrad test is a suitable replacement for the Triangle Test. The recommendation is that the Tetrad Test Method be published as a suitable alternative to the triangle test. In addition, further testing was recommended, to test the tolerances of the Effect Size. For more details on the results, reach out to Diane or Tara below

Diane and Tara look forward to presenting the results of phase two of this research at the next conference in June of 2019.