Sensory Evaluation 101

We would love the opportunity to come into your company and conduct our Sensory Evaluation 101 course for your executive teams. In less than 90 minutes, we can introduce them to the importance of this tool in product development, quality assurance initiatives, and even executive cuttings within your company. Each course is tailored to the specific needs of our clients and typically requires a 2 week lead time to schedule.

Descriptive Panels

We are proud to have as our clients many Fortune 100 companies who use the Wolf Group to train their internal and/or external sensory descriptive panels. For these companies, the importance of sensory evaluation in their on-going product development and QA/QC business initiatives have justified the need for experienced descriptive teams. Please contact us if you are interested in discovering how the Wolf Group can quickly and professionally establish a trained descriptive panel for your company.

QA/QC Sensory Training

For many of our clients we have trained internal sensory evaluation panels to handle the important task of monitoring quality assurance on their products. These initiatives have proven invaluable in identifying and isolating sensory product quality issues that might otherwise been undetected before inventory was in the distribution pipeline. Training generally can be completed within a 3 day window of time, with on-going support provided as needed.

Custom Training

We have worked with many of our clients to design custom education and training sessions for their companies. Give us a call to talk about your specific educational opportunities and how the Wolf Group can help you achieve your goals.