Descriptive Analysis

The Wolf Group was founded in the sensory discipline and has a number of trained Sensory Panelists on staff who can evaluate foods and beverages using descriptive analysis. As a result, we can help you determine the key characteristics of your product to help create a distinctive sensory ‘fingerprint.’ Some of the ways that we can assist your organization in this area include:

Descriptive Testing

The Wolf Group has a team of trained sensory assessors that evaluate products for a broad range of analytical needs; from comparing designated sensory parameters to generating competitive profiles.

Discrimination Testing

Discrimination testing requires screened and knowledgeable respondents. The Wolf Group has those respondents. Whether product reformulation, alternate supplier approval, or other discernment needs, The Wolf Group can design and meet your testing requirements with an affordable, analytical solution.

Third Party Product Audits

Having the Wolf Group as your contract QA/QC department allows you to make independent and objective decisions about any co-packer or vendor supplying products. We can determine the key consumer attributes and communicate those sensory requirements to your vendor.

Shelf-Life Testing – Storage Stability Studies

Through our testing protocols, The Wolf Group allows you to maximize your product’s shelf life through development of storage strategies or validation of existing storage systems.

Product Matching

Descriptive Analysis is especially helpful in identifying specific product differences between a new and existing product.