Video Streaming Instructions


1.  Enter into your browser (or click hyperlink)
2.  Please accept “Active X add-on” for program to run on your PC (if necessary)
3.  Log-in Information:

User Name:

4.  Once logged in, double click on designated testing Room (to be supplied by your project manager)





5.  Once video appears, double click on live video to make the screen larger.

6. To enable audio, click on microphone icon on the top right task bar. (Icon should be white if Audio is enabled) Please see diagram below:




7.  To enable full screen mode, scroll to the bottom left task bar. Click on the third icon from the left as shown below:




8.  To exit full screen mode, click on full screen icon again. This will take you back to the original view.

9.  To exit video streaming once focus group has ended, please click “LOGOUT” at the top of the tool bar.


N.B. For questions please contact the Wolf Group at 513-891-9100 and ask for a project staff member.