Quantitative Testing

All recruiting and data collection is done electronically allowing for cost effective, reliable, and fast results. Assuming a 45 minute interview, The Wolf Group is capable of recruiting and executing an n=400+ size test in one day!

Central Location Testing (CLT)

With The Wolf Group’s state of the art facility, 35 consumers can participate in a CLT at our facility simultaneously. There are three kitchens to allow for easy preparation including 16 individual circuit microwaves.

Home Use Testing (HUT)

The Wolf Group has recruited and placed products in homes on both a local and national level with ease and speed. Collecting data via the Internet assures both reliability and a timely turnaround

Internet Studies

The Wolf Group has the programming and database expertise to design and implement your online studies. From concept testing to awareness and usage, The Wolf Group has both the trained project managers to assist you in design as well as the knowledge to execute in a timely and cost effective manner.

Claim Substantiation

Our experience provides the consumer testing and product information you need to substantiate your claims. We are actively involved with the task force writing the ASTM Guide E1958-98 (Standard Guide for Sensory Claim Substantiation) providing insights from decades of actual research experience to hundreds of hours of expert witness testimony in claim substantiation litigation.

Product Optimization

The Wolf Group offers several tools to help teams with both optimizing current products as well as developing new products. Marrying descriptive profiling with consumer responses allows our clients to clearly understand the competitive landscape, identify any segments that might exist for a product category, and define the product development path towards the optimized product. This allows you to prototype new generations of products as well as establishing consumer preference baselines for future improvements.

 Consumer Acceptance and Preference

Our proven methodology for test design provides the results you need. Do you need a consumer test to determine an attribute’s acceptance or discover how you measure up to the competition? The Wolf Group has the expertise and the facilities to develop and execute the research that is right for you

Competitive Benchmarking

How does the sensory profile of your product compare to competition? Are you tracking that performance over time? Our descriptive profiling resources coupled with consumer response can provide you with an overall assessment of how your product is performing, which attributes are relevant in overall liking (among current and competitive brand loyals) and recommend a course of action based on the results. It’s this type of knowledge that gives your brand and research teams the information they need to maintain a leveragable competitive advantage in the marketplace.

New Product Development/Improvement

With our experience base, the Wolf Group provides the insight to get your product to the next level of quality and market share. Our background includes simple product enhancements, cost saving initiatives, and line extensions. An overall product     profile allows us to assist you in prototyping new generations of your product as well as establishing consumer preference for future improvements. This can support advertising and set   qualify control specifications.