Qualitative Testing

Qualitative Research (Focus Group Moderation)

With our new, expanded facilities, The Wolf Group offers a wide variety of qualitative tools to help you uncover your consumer needs, attitudes, and behaviors. Our large 25 by 20 foot focus group rooms, combined with both large client viewing room and lounge, allows us the flexibility to meet our clients’ objectives with a variety of methods. We have trained moderators with a variety of specialties to meet your needs or you can supply your own.

In-Depth Interviews to Theatre Style Focus Groups

Depending on the objectives of the study, The Wolf Group has experience to ascertain the type of qualitative design needed. We have expertise in executing everything from in-depth, dyad, or triad interviewing techniques to a quantitative/qualitative mixture found in a theatre style format to help our clients uncover the insights desired.

Exit Interviews

Exit interviews are an excellent way to combine our quantitative capabilities with qualitative insights. Need the hard data but also interested in some of the “whys” that are difficult to ascertain from straight quantitative data. The Wolf Group provides the best of both worlds by conducting exit interviews from a central location study.

Ethnographic Research

Ever wonder how the consumer really uses your product? Or amidst the sea of grocery shelves, how consumers sort through choices and why? The Wolf Group has conducted detailed observational research that fathers answers to your questions in ‘real world’ format.

Consumer Panels

Our directional Consumer Panels are designed to provide insight, flexibility, and speed for your project or brand. The Wolf Group can recruit and manage an on-going Consumer Panel (30 to 50 consumers) allowing info multiple touch points ranging from product home usage to focus group to observational research. This methodology was designed for tight budgets and rapid cycle product development.