Our Panelists

Sensory Panels

We have 36 expertly trained sensory panels who are equipped to evaluate not only food and beverages, but also a variety of other consumer packaged goods involving tactile and olfactory descriptive analysis. Each panelist has participated in over 90 hours of initial training and is required to undergo subsequent retraining four times a year. With a turnover rate of less than 5 percent annually for our panelists, you can be confident you’re getting best in class sensory experience and training on your projects.

Consumer Panels

Our consumer panel base is comprised of over 14,000 diverse respondents. Our panelist base continues to grow at approximately a 7 percent growth rate annually, with a panelists drop out rate of less than 3 percent. As a practice, we limit panelist participation to 4 studies annually, with at least 90 days between each project.

Here’s what our panelists have to say about the Wolf Group:

“I always look forward to coming to Wolf for research studies. The people are always professional and very nice. They run on time. The facility is the best that I have EVER seen. I feel I have a good sense of what makes people feel comfortable and special. I feel like I count there. Felicia always makes me feel welcomed. While in the facility I am comfortable and always wanting to do my best for them.” – Lisa

“Facility is very clean and professionally decorated. The staff is dressed professionally. Always seem to run on time and ends when they say it will. Convenient location. The staff is exceptionally friendly and personable. Love the root beer barrel candies at the end!!” – Denise

“I like trying new things that come out onto the market. I never realized that color, portion size, presentation meant so much to me. Some is appealing and some not. The staff is very friendly and makes me feel comfortable with what I am doing. It is very efficient here, and everything is run in a timely fashion. I feel like my job is very important and I do take it very seriously.” – Norma

“I like coming here because it’s close to my house and job. The staff is the friendliest staff at any research facility I have been to. This facility is the nicest and cleanest and the appearance makes it look like top quality. Survey room is nice and roomy. They are always/usually on time and I never have to wait more than a couple of minutes or so; they try to get you in and out in a reasonable time.” – Jenny