Mona Wolf | President & Founder

Mona Wolf is the President & Founder of The Wolf Group. Years ago, Mona Wolf took in a friend who had no source of income and whose husband had left her abruptly. Wolf saw her friend struggle, and watched over the years as she fought her way from a minimum wage retail job to earn a doctorate in psychology. “She tenaciously, day by day, took classes and moved herself forward,” Wolf explains. “She’s such an inspiration.”

Every day through her career and in her personal life, Wolf strives to create opportunities for other women to empower themselves and pull themselves out of dark times.

Wolf was head of Kroger’s sensory research department in 1988 when the company severely cut back. Faced with the possibility of searching for another full-time job with a 2-year-old and 1-year-old twins at home, Wolf realized she wanted more flexibility without giving up her career. She started the Wolf Group, a consulting firm that researches the ways that consumers assess and sense products, out of her home. As it grew, she realized that other women might want a similar career opportunity. Today the Wolf Group has 85 employees, most of whom are part-time, and many of whom are raising children.

The company, which serves clients across the Globe, hires executives who want high-paying satisfying jobs, but who also want to devote more time to their personal health and home lives, Wolf says.

Among her volunteer activities, Wolf actively supports the Eve Center, which provides free, faith-based counseling to women in need at locations in Springdale and Price Hill. She served on the center’s founding board as a business adviser for its first three year, and she continues to support the program through donations, partnerships and guidance.