The Wolf Group Goes to Portland….

Ah, the Pacific Northwest, more to the point…Portland, Oregon!  With its beautiful weather, rolling vistas, gorgeous farmers markets, 200+ food trucks/carts, and tax-free boutique shopping, this city has something for everyone.  So why am I, your consummate “beer guy” taking the time to talk about Portland?

For those who are unfamiliar, or just think that the only good thing to come out of Portland and its surrounding areas was grunge music, and some pretty amazing college football teams, read on.  For more than two decades, Portland has been the epicenter of America’s craft-brewing renaissance. Nicknamed “Beervana” and “Munich on the Willamette,” Portland is the beer capital of the world, with upwards of 40 breweries within city limits!  This is no small feat, and no coincidence either.  The Oregon hop-growing region, situated around the 45th parallel with its mild temperate climate, is similar to that of the German hop-growing region.  All this, coupled with rich, fertile soil, and a populous who loves all things local, has fed into the insatiable need for more locally-produced craft-brews and shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

It makes perfect sense that The World Brewing Congress would hold their epic event (happens only every four years) in this mecca of all things “beer” during the month of July, or as Portlanders call it “Oregon Craft Beer Month.”  Perfect timing?  I think so.  From July 28th – August 1st beer geeks of the globe will unite!  Current technological advances, new research results, the future of brewing, and different methods of brewing will all be discussed on a global scale at this international gathering of brewing industry professionals!!

The Wolf Group will be in attendance not only as members of the ASBC (American Society of Brewing Chemists) and MBAA (Master Brewers Association of the Americas) but also as presenters!  We will have a poster on display and have the distinction of presenting a short course on Sensory & Quality Assurance as well!  Stay tuned for more exciting news to follow in the coming weeks!




Fun Fact:  Portland is one of the few destinations outside of France where you can take your dog into pubs.

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