The Wolf Group Presenting at WBC 2012!!

Setting Up a Brewery Sensory Quality Assurance Program

Brewers of all sizes strive to bring to market beers of consistently high quality. This course is designed to help brewers understand the facets of monitoring process quality from brewing microbiology to fundamental lab checks. The experienced  instructors will show you how to set up product specifications, sampling plans, requirements for a basic laboratory, micro-checks, and a sensory program with a demonstration of sensory training. The course packs everything you need to know about setting up a quality assurance program. The course is limited to 50 spaces.

Instructors:    Mona Wolf (CEO) & Jonathan Dicks, The Wolf Group / Jaime Schier, Harpoon Brewing Company  / Jeff Edgerton, BridgePort Brewing Company  /  Lynn Kruger, Siebel Institute of Technology

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